Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to TRU!

    2. Why Learn About Pensions?

    3. Who Are Pensions Working Best For?

    4. Is a Pension My Only Option?

    5. What Is Retirement Security?

    6. What Is an Adequacy Threshold?

    7. How Social Security Fits Into Retirement

    8. Not All Teachers Will Collect Social Security

    9. The Road to Retirement Security

    10. Most Teachers Have a Pension, but Some Do Not

    11. What Retirement Plan Do I Have?

    12. Chapter 1 Recap

    13. Don't Have A Pension? More Is Coming!

    14. Chapter 1 Key Terms

    1. Does My Plan Set Me Up for a Secure Retirement?

    2. Pension Positives

    3. Most Benefits Accrue Near the End of a Career, Not Evenly Over Time

    4. Most Teachers Will Not Earn a Full Pension

    5. Teachers Must Meet the Vesting Period

    6. What Is the Vesting Period in My State?

    7. Most Teachers Won’t Earn As Large of a Pension As They Might Think

    8. Pensions Don’t Transfer Across State Lines

    9. Chapter 2 Recap

    10. Chapter 2 Key Terms

    1. Guaranteed Income Plans

    2. How Is My Pension Benefit Calculated?

    3. What Is the Benefit Formula for Your Plan?

    4. Who Contributes to My Pension?

    5. How States Fund Pension Plans

    6. More About Normal Cost

    7. Assumed Rate of Return

    8. What Is the Assumed Rate of Return for Your Pension Plan?

    9. Myth: The Assumed Rate of Return Determines the Value

    10. Who Is In Charge of Pension Funds?

    11. Chapter 3 Recap

    12. Quiz Yourself (Optional)

    13. Extend Your Knowledge (Optional)

    14. Chapter 3 Key Terms

    1. Funded Status

    2. Unfunded Liabilities

    3. What Is the Unfunded Liability for Your Pension Plan

    4. Funded Ratio

    5. What Is the Funded Ratio of Your Pension Plan?

    6. Myth: It Is Okay for a Pension Plan To Target 80% Funding

    7. Why Targeting Less Than 100% Funding Is Not Good Enough

    8. Amortization Payments

    9. Actuarially Determined Contribution

    10. Are Teachers Paying for Unfunded Liabilities?

    11. What Is the Actuarially Determined Contribution for Your Plan?

    12. Chapter 4 Recap

    13. Quiz Yourself (Optional)

    14. Chapter 4 Key Terms

    1. Will the Government Pay the Bill?

    2. Myth: Pension Funds Don't Need to Contribute the Full ADC

    3. What Percentage of the Pension Bill Is My State Paying?

    4. Employer Contributions Are Growing

    5. Myth: Governments “Raid” Pensions, Taking Money Out of Funds To Pay for Other Priorities

    6. Can a Teacher Shortage Affect the Pension Systems?

    7. If a Pension Plan Is Closed to New Members Will It Run Out of Money?

    8. Chapter 5 Recap

    9. Chapter 5 Key Terms

    1. The Cost of Fully Funding Benefits Is Growing

    2. Why States Don’t Always Pay Their Bills

    3. Many Pension Funds Have More Retirees Than Active Members

    4. Myth: Pension Funds Can Use Historic Investment Performances To Predict the Future

    5. Investment Strategies and Risk

    6. Underperforming Investments

    7. Investment Losses

    8. Recent Investment Return Trends

    9. Myth: Pension Funds Can Use Historic Investment Performances To Predict the Future

    10. What Can We Expect of Future Returns?

    11. Chapter 6 Recap

    12. Chapter 6 Key Terms

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