• Why is Equable providing Teacher Retirement U?

    Teacher Retirement U is here to help you understand your own retirement benefits as well as the challenges and improvements related to public retirement systems. Equable’s mission is to educate and inform all stakeholders in public-sector retirement plans—such as teachers and educators—about how to create real retirement plan sustainability and accountability without sacrificing future income security. Our bipartisan board believes it is important for the fiscal stability of cities and states that we have sustainable public-sector retirement systems. We want all stakeholders to know what should be improved—and why it is important to act now.

  • Can I use Teacher Retirement U to plan my own retirement?

    This resource is not intended to be a comprehensive retirement planning tool for you and your family. We are not financial advisors and much of the material presented is focused on a national perspective and national averages. You should consult with your retirement system directly and a financial advisor to make sure you are on a path to retirement security.

  • Which kind of retirement system is best?

    We do not advocate for any one kind of retirement benefit design. There are good and bad ways to design pensions, guaranteed return plans, defined contribution plans, or any combination of these approaches. What is important from the perspective of the individual is that you have access to a retirement plan that puts you on a path to retirement security. From the perspective of a government employer, retirement systems need to help meet objectives related to building and maintaining an effective workforce.

  • Is there a way I can get involved with sharing these ideas with other teachers in my state?

    Absolutely! Please contact us at help@teacherretirementu.org and we can point you toward some helpful resources.